CLINT is a G.I. HOLDING international Group brand, focused on the segment of liquid Chillers, Packaged Rooftop Units and Fan Coil Units, with a worldwide manufacturing and distribution network.

Twenty-five years of experience and a strong entrepreneurial spirit are Group’s distinctive features. It is a winning combination, offering highly technological and completely flexible solutions to the market.

CLINT’s core strength lies in its ability to provide targeted, customized answers to highly specific needs, especially for large installations.

By combining its experience in centralized, hydronic air-conditioning systems with advanced plant technology and a number of innovative R&D solutions, CLINT designs, builds and customizes an integrated, comprehensive range of machines for centralized air-conditioning of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, complemented by a widespread pre- and after-sales service network with a strong international presence.

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With its long-standing experience and structured organisation, NOVAIR is the Air Quality specialist within the G.I. HOLDING Group.

NOVAIR offers a complete and integrated range of units for air ventilation and handling for residential and industrial applications. Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units and Roof Top units: all units can be customised and are designed to provide maximum comfort with the highest energy efficiency.

In the residential sector, NOVAIR products stand out for the primary importance attributed to customers’ needs, focusing on quality of materials and commercial-technical support to obtain the best compromise between functionality and adaptation to the technical spaces. But also to meet specific requirements such as quiet operation, precise control of humidity and temperature levels and the possibility of effectively meeting the workload of multi-user systems for large commercial and management areas.

NOVAIR particularly addresses the industrial and production sectors, employing all available resources to design operating units that ensure extreme reliability, for easy maintenance, durability and specific applications, above all in those sectors where control of air quality and sterile, pure conditions (e.g. the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors) are fundamental for guaranteeing high production and quality standards.

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For decades MONTAIR, a brand of G.I. HOLDING Group, has been synonymous with excellence in precision air conditioning in high technology environments: cooling systems for server rooms and telecommunication plants.

MONTAIR offers a range of specifically designed products to fulfill the various types of applications, based on total climate control, reliability and energy efficiency, in order to optimize the investment made in the system.

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