Who we are

G.I. INDUSTRIAL ASIA HOLDING Sdn Bhd is a company of the European G.I. HOLDING Group.

G.I. INDUSTRIAL ASIA HOLDING combines the expertise and recognized innovation of G.I. HOLDING, which has been operating over 40 years in the Air-Conditioning, Air Treatment, Close Control and Process Cooling businesses.

G.I. INDUSTRIAL ASIA HOLDING has a profound market knowledge and full coverage thanks to a local team of sales, marketing and technical professionals. The company markets liquid Chillers and Heat Pumps, Air Handling units, Packaged Rooftop units and Fan Coil units for industrial, commercial and residential cooling and heating, and also cooling of industrial processes.

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From Malaysia with European know-how for total quality

G.I. INDUSTRIAL ASIA HOLDING is focused on transferring the distinctive G.I. HOLDING Group in Europe business style to more international markets. G.I. HOLDING Group is famous for its custom solutions and technological innovation for the highest Customer satisfaction.

TOTAL QUALITY is the philosophy of all our activities, monitoring all phases in product life cycle from its development to supply, assembly and service. The whole production process is subject to thorough checks and controls, both in the final and intermediate phases. Each unit must undergo strict testing, simulating operational conditions at the Customer’s site even in the most demanding situations. Pressure, temperature, sound level, vibrations: everything is checked to ensure it complies with the set parameters.

The Service Network, relying on highly skilled professionals, is available to carry out unit start-up at the customer’s premises to ensure flawless unit function. Our Quality Mission is to capture expectations, preferences and aversions from the “Customer’s Voice”. Both qualitative and quantitative research is conducted at the beginning of any new product, process, or service design initiative in order to better understand the Customer’s wants and needs.


The commercial plant is located in the Kota Damansara area in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Local distributors ensure a full market coverage, providing 360° support on pre-sales and after-sales activities with profound knowledge of each market requirement. A wide network of technical professionals are ready to identify the best solution for any type of installation according to different customer requirements.

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